Agila Hosting F.A.Q

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We offer support involving problems with our server and control panel. We may give support to issues between your application and our system to the best of our ability free of charge. Issues will be subject to investigation if falls under our scope of service. Otherwise, please refer to your application developer for such assignment. We will not provide issues with your code applications.

Installing WordPress using our web panel is extremely easy with just one click. But in times you need technical expertise with the installation, we will install it for you free of charge. Installation of plugins within WordPress will not be given support. Please refer to your WordPress developer for such assignment.

In general, we do regular backups of our servers and your filesystem daily as an in-house process in case of emergency. You are still responsible with your own files and database in your account. But our web panel has a one click backup feature for your convenience and you can even do scheduled backups of your entire account. In times you are going to need to retrieve files or database from us, this may subject to a premium service.

We offer Month-to-Month subscriptions and we offer yearly subscriptions with a discount. You may cancel your yearly subscription at any time with only a prorated refund after proper approval and investigation. May be refunded as credits. Domains are always locked for at least 12 months, non refundable.

We offer domain registrations to common TLD’s including .com, net, .xyz and we are proud to be partnered with for your .ph TLD.

To buy domains, please visit THIS LINK

Email hosting is available to all shared hosting plans with unlimited account creation. Keep in mind that we put hourly restrictions to avoid sending unsolicited emails. Please refer to our Term and Conditions page for more details.

We offer migrations free of charge on all plans including moving of filesystem, database and emails. Timeline of migration depends on the size of files and network speed.